Thursday, 29 September 2011

Yesterday, Today ... The Future?

Yesterday sucked! Nothing happened except TV, course work and tidying! Yep, I eventually got round to tidying my room. Then after doing so, I watched some episodes of Dexter with my dad! It’s awesome! At around 10:30pm I get a text asking if I wanna go and celebrate my friend’s brother’s birthday at Sub Way! Which I said I’d go. So that was something to look forward too. Then, as soon as I turn out my light to enter the world of nod, my sister texts me asking to get my mum to ring her. So I do and it turns out she’s really ill. Which is bad times! She was on the phone till midnight! But eventually I did get some sleep.
Today, after school, me and my friends all headed off to Sub Way for lunch. It was really hot, so walking there wasn’t so bad. I can’t order at Sub Way, I never know what to do .. it’s so awkward! So I basically copied my friends order. But it was really good! I got a double choc chip cookie too! Then after we’d eaten we all headed off back to mine, sat and watched silly youtube vids for a while and then everyone went home.
So yeah! Overall, today has been pretty cool, but it’s left me tired out, and all I’ve done really is walk in the sun for a little bit! The weather is so good though! It’s like summer has arrived late, I wish it was like this when we were on holiday … -.-
I’m gonna post this video up … its kinda for my sister cause apparently she is my new blog stalker O.o hehe but yeah! It’s very amusing and really cute!

This actually is THE BEST commercial! xD

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Abi's daily dose of music ... S.C.U.M … Such an awesome band! Take a listen C: I’ll blog about them someday soon! Xx

Also! I said I’d let you know about Joseph Coward’s release dates for his new stuff, I’m not sure on the actually date … but I’m led to believe that it is going to be October sometime! Exciting stuff! So yeah, when I find out more I shall let you guys know! Keep listening out for him; he might be doing a mini north UK tour (though this isn’t set in stone, so it may not happen yet!) But go and give him a listen if he is gigging near you! It would be an awesome night. Night guys!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Photo ....

Oooh, it was the school photos yesterday! I actually managed to have my individual one without curtains!! Good times. But the one where it was the whole year was bad. Firstly we had it outside, and it was quite windy so I bet my hair looks awful! And then all the guys were on the first three rows and they randomly throw me in there with no other girls! Not happy! And the dude behind me kept messing my hair up …. Was very bad haha! But hey! I also found out that my year seven photo is going in the year book which is really bad! I had glasses (Which were huge!) and a mushroom haircut. My nickname at school has been ‘’mushroom’’ ever since even though my hair is kinda long these days! Why is it that all the bad things stick with you hm?
Not much has happened today. Me and my friend were looking at what jobs we could get in the future. We settled on me being a ‘’Honey trap woman’’ and my friend being and ‘’Abseiling window cleaner’’ yeahh!! Good aspirations for our life! The song ‘’Spells A Heartbeat’’ has not been out of my head now for two days! It’s beautiful and Joseph Coward is amazing so I guess I can’t complain! Here is his Myspace page so check him out! Spells A Heartbeat is on there too!
I think my next blog will be about the inspiration for this one! So yeah, keep reading! … Here’s a nice song to finish off this thing! …. C: x
The Charlatans - North Country Boy

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Life and My Epic Fail

Everything is happening so quickly!! Loads of exams are coming up and there have already been open days to look round sixth forms! I went to one on Saturday and it was really nice! They gave me a brief idea about what I needed to take to keep my options open! But it’s so hard to decide what I want from life right now. I don’t like the idea of growing up, it’s depressing. It doesn’t help that I’m ill either! And it’s our school photos tomorrow, so I’m going to look like a right idiot. I don’t think I’ve ever had a school photo where my fringe hasn’t been split! Bad times, lets hope that changes tomorrow!
Also, I’m now going to start learning the keyboard again. Fun times! My dad got it down from the loft today haha forgot how nice it was. It’s all dusty and looks unloved, so my job for this evening is to clean it up a bit! I can only remember three chords though which is rather lame! But hopefully this will lead onto me writing some of my own music which is kinda exciting.
A new guy I found, well not new but hey!
Morrissey! He is the lead singer from the Smiths! Probably been solo forever but I only found that out today! Very embarrassing that I didn’t know earlier! Haha I feel like such a fail. Anyways, here is one of his songs! He’s awesome!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fanzine and Felt

Hey guys! So I’m writing a ‘Fanzine’! I don’t really know what’s going to be in it, or how many I’m going to write, but yeah! It’ll be good anyways. I think in my first one there will be a review on O’Genesis Records, an interview with Joseph Coward (which I need to do!!) and a little review thing on the East London band S.C.U.M. I’m really excited about it!
I previously said I’d write about Felt. So yeah! Felt is the theme for my blog tonight. They are a 1980’s alternative rock group. The members are Lawrence (though his second name was never published in any press) Gary Ainge, Maurice Deebank, Martin Duffy (who played with The Charlatans after Robs death), Marco Thomas, Mick Lloyd and Nick Gilbert. They released ten albums and ten singles over ten years and then they broke up. I do believe that a film has recently been released about front man Lawrence. I want to see it so bad but I don’t know if it will be showed in the cinema near me! Sad times haha!!
Felt - Penelope tree

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Styal Mill

Today I went to Styal Mill! It was actually pretty cool! We had a tour of the mill itself and the apprentice house. They turned on all the machinery! T’was was so loud. Then at the end of the day we went into the gift shop and … you’ll never guess who I saw!! … Tim the pink worm!! Hahaha! He just randomly appeared. I had a picture with him!! Here it is C:
Tim the pink worm!

Funny thing is, is that my friend was like ‘’Abi! It’s Tim!’’ and I look around getting all excited, and then she holds up the pink worm! Was ace!
The coach trip home was fun too! We were attacking my friend who was sat in front of me hehe. Then I took a picture… one I shall hold against her for a long time!

Anyhow that’s about all that’s happened today! Here’s a song from the band Felt! I’ll dedicate a blog about them soon, they’re really awesome!
Felt – Ballad of the Band

Monday, 19 September 2011

Crazy Times

Wow, so the past few days have been really hard!  Friday was the last day before my sister left to go to uni. It hadn’t really hit home with me that she was actually leaving, until later Friday night, so Friday day was good! It was my friend, Kirstie’s, Birthday. We celebrated it with taking a cake up to the field at lunch! Was funny though cause it was a really windy day so we couldn’t light the candles. She had to go under a bench to blow them out haha!
The Birthday cake! It was awesome!

Then when I got home, everything was happening. Rach was packing and her boyfriend, Tyrone, was coming round for tea. After tea, the night sorta turned into a party. We put on some nostalgic music and danced in the garden all night! It was really fun.
The morning came around to quick and before I knew it, we were on the road to University. Once we arrived we got the key and went into her little room. It was surprisingly very nice! There’s a desk, a little bathroom and a single bed (that’s really comfy). We got her room all set up and unpacked her food in the kitchen! Then we had a look around the area to get our bearings. We went and got our lunch at a ‘’Yates ‘’ and walked back at her flat- in the rain. When it was time to leave, there were a few tears but everything was okay! We said our last goodbyes and just before we were about to leave her flat mate, Mark, came out of his room. Rach asked him to go and get tea so me, my mum and dad sneaked away quickly.  We got home and that’s when it really sunk in that she’d left! Sad times at the moment, but everything is good and she seems to be going out partying every night with new friends; which is ace! I really do miss her already though!
Then Sunday, not much happened except I slept in and did some homework. Saw my nana and granddad too! But that’s about everything that’s happened this weekend! Sorry for not posting but as you can tell, a lot has happened.
Here’s some music that kinda means a lot to me right now. My sister introduced me to this band a few years back and they're amazing!
Blue October

Another one of my sisters favourite bands Gogol Bordello! They’re different and crazy! Give them a listen!!

Also, here is one of Tyrone’s friends! He is actually pretty good! Please check him out.
Ben Marwood

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Horrors

Hellooo!! So I’m totally listening to Salford City radio catch up. Life’s good and Tim Burgess rules! Listen to the interview with him and Nik Void here now! I don’t know what to write about tonight, so I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to a band that I’ve been into for a very long time …
The Horrors

The band has come from East London! It consists of:  Front man Faris Badwan, Rhys Webb on keys/bass, Joshua Hayward on Guitar, Tom Cowan on Synths and Joe Spurgeon on the drums. They formed in 2005 and since then have released three albums (Primary Colours, Strange House and their new one … Skying!) They have a unique fashion sense, which is totally awesome though it has gone from wearing all black and winkle pickers to flowery shirts … (though they still kept the shoes!!) And also, they have very unique hairstyles. They are utterly crazy but absolutely amazing!
Here is their latest single Still Life. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Two days till my sister goes to uni, boooo!!! Today has been okay! I had art so I’ve been doing my Ian Brown picture, haha it’s coming on quite good! Other than that, nothing cool happened at school, again! Getting home was good though. Joseph Coward has been educating me in some new music! Also he found an awesome interview with ‘’Girls’’ click here to read it! If you’re into them they’re in NME this week also.
                  New music!! - Arab on Radar - My Mind is A Muffler

My sister is currently making these muffins and she’s put black food colouring in them! So the mixture looks like tar haha; Can’t wait to try them though! Hope they taste better then they look ;)!! She says they look like Buboes cause on the outside they’re black then when you bite into them they’re red! EWWW I’ve been put off these muffins now L
                                              Nice ….

I’m now listening to ‘’Spells A Heartbeat’’ by Joseph Coward. It’s such a beautiful song! Can’t wait until he brings out some new ones! I shall keep you posted on that.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My plan for an ‘’early night’’ kinda failed yesterday. I checked Twitter before I went to bed and Tim Burgess was doing this thing about listening to Some Friendly at 10. So like a fan, I did. It was funny though, cause all the time he was posting up silly pictures of himself. Then when I did try and get to sleep, I couldn’t … fail!
One of those silly pictures!

I totally want that mug though! Tis awesome C:
School today has been boring as ever. Triple history and double geography! And in both subjects it’s been nothing but coursework (except for a tour around the school … fun?). Nothing good or interesting has happened I guess. Then, walking home, me and my friend got rained on, so yeah today kinda sucked!
                                            Some Friendly – Flower (The Charlatans)

                                                        The Buzzcocks – Just lust

Monday, 12 September 2011


Not much has happened today apart from school. And what can one write about school? Science was rather odd though. We were told to rub these plastic rods ‘’hard and vigorously’’ by our teacher (to make them go static … or something along those lines). Well, how can you do that without it looking the slightest bit wrong? It was quite funny; you could tell everyone was feeling awkward!
We have double science on a Monday, which is split by break, so when we returned to class everyone was handed a balloon- I hate balloons! They go right through me. Anyhow, we were told to blow it up and make it stick to the wall. I think only one person in the class managed to get theirs to stick, which is kinda lame, and the rest of the 30 odd balloons, we were told to burst. So everyone was bursting their balloons and I was just sat there flinching in the corner at every bang haha, it was a silly lesson. We also had PE today, worst thing ever – the cooper run. We had to run around the sports hall for 12 minutes without stopping. It killed me, though I got 25 laps which is quite good!
So yeah! My science lesson was the highlight of the day, nothing else has really happened. I’ve come home from school and just chilled. Listened to ‘’The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’’ and shortly I’ll be off to bed!
I’ll post one of their tunes for you to listen too and that’s about that! Night guys C: x

                                  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Today has been pretty awesome. My sister, Rachael, is going to university on Saturday so we had a family get together for everyone to say farewell! It’s rather upsetting; I’ll miss her loads! The party was fun though. We had loads of sweets, crisps and chocolates. My granddad had a go on Rach’s accordion (Which is huge! … She can’t even lift it haha) and my neighbours bought round their 10 week old twins- they’re so adorable! Had an ace chat with my uncle too, not seen him for a while so it was good to catch up!
The music I have been listening too today has been The Who and The Stone Roses; both, amazing bands. I’ll post some of their music up for you to listen to!
                                                        The Who
                                                       The Stone Roses

I’m currently drawing Ian Brown (front man of The Stone Roses) So I’ll post that up when it’s finished, but till then here’s my drawing of Joseph Coward! C:

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Today has been really good! I went shopping with my mum and in the supermarket there’s a new isle full of toys! We found this rubbery, pink worm thing and my mum decides to buy it. We named it Tim (after Tim Burgess) haha! It’s really cool, but it’s going to her work so Tim will probably get trashed- Sad times!!
Anyway, here is a picture of Tim the pink worm!! Isn’t he cute :P hehe

Nothing much has happened since then! I’ve done some homework and spoke to Joseph Coward but that’s about all! The band that I’ve listened to a lot today is ‘’The Girls’’ I don’t really know much about them but their music is ace! And also Styx (my mums new fav band). To all you rockers out there … Domo arigato, Mr Roboto!!
Oh, and we also have found a baby cichlid in our tank. It’s new name is … TIM ( nothing to do with his sexy big lips or anything ;D )! 

                                                      The Girls!



The Japanese culture and music scene has influenced me a lot thought out the past few years. I started getting into Anime (a Japanese animation) when I was around thirteen. I watched a lot, but the one that has stuck with me and I enjoyed the most is ‘Death Note’. It started off as a manga series by Tsugumi Ohba and the artist, Takeshi Obata and then was developed into an animation and also a film! It’s about a school boy, Light Yagami, who discovers a note book that was dropped by a Shinigami (God of Death). The note book grants Light the ability to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. The story carries on to Light wanting to create a world of peace and no crime. He tries to kill all evil and the strange but amazing detective L, tries to stop him. I would definitely recommend you watch/read it as it is totally awesome!

Watching Death Note made me research the Japanese scene. I found a love for their fashion, language and also J pop! (I have started to teach myself some Japanese though I’m not really that good at it yet!) A huge inspiration to me though would be Rebecca Flint (Beckii Cruel). She’s a teenager from the Isle of Man who started posting herself dancing to J-pop on youtube. Her videos went viral and a Japanese company (Life is so cruel) found her and signed her –though I don’t think she is with them anymore! They made her known in both England and Japan and now she is classed as an ‘Idol’ in Tokyo!

Take a look at her youtube – xbextahx

And her website

                                                 Death Note Film Trailer!

Friday, 9 September 2011

First Blog! ... Music?

Hi! I'm Abi, and this is my first ever blog! Here I'll be writing about things that I have done or seen recently that have inspired me or things that I just think are pretty cool. I'll probably go on about a lot of random and irrelevant stuff and I hope to post some of my art work up here too!

At the moment music is a huge part of my life. Unlike most fifteen year olds I'm not into 'Justin Bieber' or 'Bruno Mars' no, I'd say I was into 'Indie' (though I don't like to classify myself under any labels!!). A huge inspiration to me over the past few years has been The Charlatans, a 90's Madchester band that have been through and seen a lot of stuff. Whatever problems went their way, they saw it through and overcame it whilst producing some truly amazing music! Front man, Tim Burgess, did some solo work - which again is amazing - and also formed a band/group called ''The Chavs'' with Carl BarĂ¢t. Recently, he has come together with Nik Void (from Factory Floor), Nick Fraser and Jim Spencer to create a new record label called ''O'Genesis'. There they've signed a few bands (EIOH, The Replicas) and solo artist Joseph Coward.

I went to The Charlatans gig a couple of weeks back and their support acts were the Replicas and Joseph Coward! It was so awesome; I got to meet Tim Burgess and Mark Collins (The Charlatans guitarist). Joseph Coward performed his single ‘Jesus Christ’ and the Replicas played ‘Open Arms’. Over all it was such a magic night!

I would totally recommend you check out The Charlatans, if you haven’t already heard of them, and definitely take a look at Joseph Coward!
I’ll post a few of their songs up for you to listen too!!

                                                      The Charlatans!

Joseph Coward!