Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Okay, so I’m currently sat in a free whilst writing this – even though it will most probably be posted tonight, as I do believe blogger is blocked.

I am immensely bored with nothing to do except learn a list of spellings – but when you’ve written them out like twenty times, it gets tedious.

I have half an hour left to go and the time is going reallllll sloooww (hey, that rhymes!) anyway I’ve just received a text from my sister saying that she has got us tickets to go and see MIKA. I’m so excited, his gigs are more like shows, or were for his last album, however, his songs have gone all club like so I really don’t know what to expect.

I swear these minutes are dragging. I have REP next and the people in my class are so lovely; it shouldn’t be too much of a bad lesson. Then, this afternoon, I have the college magazine which sucks cause it’s an enrichment and is compulsory (it takes up two of my frees). But hey, it was the best of a bad bunch … I mean I could be doing rugby?

Anyway, I should really return to these spellings unfortunately … wish me luck! x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

College life

So yesterday I entered the world of college life. It’s a beautiful place full of … work and … very intimidating people, but the subjects I’ve taken themselves are actually quite alright (so far). We’ve been told to read this book called The Company of Wolves, it’s like an alternative take on Little Red Riding Hood, though very disturbing in some parts and quite gothic. I think I’m gonna like it though. My REP, Critical Thinking and History classes seem nice, it’s just my English lit and language classes that are both kind of scary; Tall men with beards. Also, I’ve noticed that almost everyone is ginger too. All these ginger guys walking around ... quite funny. And then if it’s not ginger, it’s a bleach blonde surfer hairdo - bless them!

Then you get the buses. Not my friend. They came at the right time on Tuesday, and we got to sixth around an hour early, that’s alright though … time to explore. But then today was awful. We waited half an hour (7:10am – 7:40am) and not one bus showed up. This is quite worrying as it takes around an hour to get to sixth and college starts at 8:45. Also, it was enrichments today and they opened at 8am so we all wanted to be there early to bag a place in a good subject. We ended up getting there at 8:35 and no computers were free. I managed to get a place on the college magazine eventually which is really good. It was either that or photography and no one could find photography on the list so the magazine it was.

That’s my two days summed up. It can be a lonely place, but I’ve made a friend, he is also ginger, looks kind of like Ed Sheeren but is very nice! Annnnd, he is also on the college magainze with all the same frees as me, so hopefully I can buddy up with him and his friendlings.

Other than that, not much has happened in the life of moi. I have got an interview back from Clint Boon which is amazing and will be featuring in the next Woodnote. He has drawn himself too which is rather cute so yeah, check it out in the next issue.