Friday, 30 December 2011

As promised :) x

2011 soundtrack
The Charlatans
Factory Floor
Tom Caulfield
Blue October
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Beady Eye
Arcade Fire
Gogol Bordello
The Stone Roses
New Order
Inspiral Carpets
The Small Faces
The Who
Beckii Cruel
Answering Machine
Blue Rondos
Mando Dia
Bob Marley
Lady Hawk
The Cure
The Smiths
Tomorrows bad Seeds
Goodnight and I wish

Have an awesome new year guys! .... See you next year?! :P xxx

Nik Void

Final picture of the year! Haha and what an awesome one it is too (if I don’t say so myself :P). So pleased with my art work so far! It just sucks that everything I do I have to stick into my sketch book to be marked, when realllyy I wanna frame this one!
Anyhow, this is Nik Void from Factory Floor. She’s really inspirational to me, and her music is just, amazing! Hope you like it :D
Nik Void

Factory Floor, Two different ways

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Music and artists that have inspired me over 2011!

Music and artists that have inspired and helped me over 2011!
The Charlatans
They produce such heartfelt music and are one of the first bands that I have actually got really into! Some of their songs (like, tellin’ stories) have bought me to tears when first listening to it. They really do create such beautiful lyrics and with their history and everything that has happened to them, they’ve proven that anything is possible!
Tim Burgess
He has had such a busy year! Tim peaks, Book writing, Radio shows, O’Genesis Records and recording a solo album. He is actually amazing, and it’s kinda weird, but I feel as though he is there for me from time to time. With all of this going on he has still taken time to complete an interview for my fanzine. So I really appreciate this. Thanks Tim! He has been a huge inspiration to me this year, not just because of everything he has achieved and done, but he just seems to be a genuinely nice person! I hope 2012 is just as good as 2011 has been for him, if not better!
Joseph Coward
Besides his amazing voice and eerie yet charming music, he’s really supported my fanzine! Doing interviews and trying to advertise my blog (etc.) he has been amazing to me this year. So I’d really like to thank him for everything. I hope 2012 is a successful year for him and I hope that I get to see one of his gigs!
Factory Floor
Their music is amazing. I’ve only just recently started getting into this band but they’re really cool! With ‘Two different ways’ just being released and in so many charts I think the end of 2011 has been awesome for them! I really hope 2012 is successful too and that they keep producing ace music! Again, hopefully I’ll be able to make it to one of their gigs this coming year! I’d also like to thank Nik Void for doing an interview for my fanzine. It’s amazing and I can’t wait till you guys get to read it!!
Tom Caulfield
His music is awesome and he seems to be a really nice person! I like to thank him for being the first person that I’ve interviewed! It was such an exciting time for me. I hope he has an awesome new year and that 2012 is really successful for him!


There is only one uncle buncle!  Teehee!! You are amazing. Thanks for teaching me guitar and making me believe that Woodnote could actually take off! Every Thursday has been awesome, just spending time with you watching wrestling; it’s really special. You’re always there for me and you’re one of the only people I know that I can tell absolutely anything to. I love your tie-dye shirts and I think they should be your new fashion in 2012!

Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad
You guys are amazing! You help me with everything and are always there for me. I trust you with my life and the amount of things you do for me day to day is unbelievable. Thank you for being so caring and concerned. I love you both to pieces!


You actually are the best sister! This year has been a funny one, what with you at uni and loads of things going on. But you’re always there for me whenever I need you and I can totally rely on you with everything. You’re truly amazing and you support me with everything I do. I look up to you (well, you know what I mean!) and admire you and I really can’t imagine this year without you! Thanks for being such a wonderful sister.

Kirstie, Cooper, Steph and Imogen …

Kirstie, Cooper, Steph and Imogen …

Thanks so much for accepting me into your group of friends. You’ve really made 2011 easier. Kirstie, you’re hilarious! Your laugh cracks me up every time and we’ve shared some awesome moments! ‘Why did the cow lie down in the rain?’ Cooper Trooper, you’re awesome, even though you did hack onto my computer :P Thanks for looking after Erica in IT! And agreeing with me that Tim Burgess is hot! Hehe Steph, you are amazing. Thanks for being my history buddy, and making sure I was alright when my vision went in class! Haha and Imogen, you’re adorable … your art work is amazing … and I’m intrigued to find out who this guy you’ve been hanging around with is :P


So, Ericaaa!! You’re first up :P
Thanks for everything this year! It’s been a laugh! You’re the only person that has put up with me for a whole 11 years! So you really do deserve a medal. We’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember and I wouldn’t change anything! Thanks for helping me with school work – like Science and Psychology hehe :P!! And being my ‘opposite’ twin! I really hope 2012 is amazing, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Hello people! I hope you’ve all had an awesome Christmas, I sure have! A lot has happened and I feel like I’ve been kinda busy, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts this December. To finish off the year on my blog, I’ve decided to write a few paragraphs to people that have shared this year with me, and to musicians that have inspired and helped me throughout 2011! I’ll also do a small list of my 2011 soundtrack. Thank you for reading and I hope you keep on with me throughout 2012!! :D

Monday, 19 December 2011


Hey people!! I’ve had the most amazing few days!! Firstly, we broke up for Christmas which is awesome in itself. And then on Saturday I had a Christmas Party with a few of my friends. It was so lovely and they’re all fantastic! They bought crackers round and we had our secret santas; it was a great night! I also ate this horrible chilli sauce which was concentrated chilli and one teaspoon was meant to make a whole curry hot? and I just licked the whole teaspoon. It was crazy! I ate like five ice cubes and half a tube of Ice cream and my mouth was still burning.
Feeling really happy at the moment. Everything seems to be going right for once! I have an amazing set of friends that are there for me, and I really can’t imagine life without them. I’ve kinda struggled my way through the first three years of High School with one true friend, but now I’ve fell upon this group of awesome people and yeah! I feel really lucky to know these guys. The sad thing is though is that next year we all leave school, and we’re all going to different places so I don’t know what’s going to happen there. Its kinda upsetting to think that I’ve finally found truly amazing friends and within a year of knowing them, we’re all going to be separated! We must keep in touch.
Anyway, enough of the friendship rant, Tim Burgess got back to my e-mail! So, all of today I’ve been literally on the ceiling. He is such an inspirational person to me and his music plays a huge part in my life right now, so to get the interview back from him was amazing. He is my idol, so yeah, been buzzing all day!! The interview will be featured in my second fanzine, and an interview with Joseph Coward will be featured in my first! So everything is really exciting.
Joseph Coward is amazing too. Have been talking  to him via Facebook a lot recently and he is awesome! He never fails to cheer me up these days! He is bringing out a new video for his single ‘If you want to get going get talking (to me)’ which I actually can’t wait to see!
Thanks for reading, I’ll keep you posted on Joseph’s Video teehee!
Me suffering from the chilli ...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bad dreams at Christmas? Not while The Charlatans are around!

So, I’ve wrapped my Christmas prezzies and written my cards (just need to send them off). So I think I’m ready for x-mas! It’s my last day in school tomorrow, and only half a day too which is awesome. My sister is home from uni now as well so everything is really good at the moment. Though times are emotional I guess. Last little bit in my school and doing all these exams. It’s kinda a hard time!
I keep having all these weird dreams too. They’re all about death and like … nothing happening once you die. And then I wake up and keep thinking angels are around my bed and I kinda see their shadows on the ceiling. It’s weird!!  Their wings are like huge and they seem to be over my bed? I don’t know. I had a dream about Joseph Coward the other night too. That was good. It was an O’Genesis gig and we got to talk to Joseph all night. Hah, if only dreams were true!
Music for tonight has to be The Charlatans. They are the soundtrack of my life at the moment (well, have been for around three years now?) and I can’t seem to get enough of them! I also love Tim’s solo album too. And his song ‘We all need love’ is so beautiful! So check him out and check them out, seriously … they are amazing!
The Charlatans

Tim Burgess

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Just thought I’d post this!  I like the picture, though when I first looked at it I thought there was something wrong with his face, then I realised the paint haha! But yeahh! Joseph Coward! I was having a mini rave to his song ‘Eating The Rude’ today. You should check it out!

Supermarket, Christmas, Fanzine?

Heyy, It’s been a while guys! I’m so sorry, I said I’d try and post more often it’s just I’ve had tons of mock exams and revision; it’s been crazy! I have soo much to tell you people too!
Firstly I got lost in a supermarket. Which is highly embarrassing. My mum sent me walking around to find some random food and I went and got it. Then when I turn back round my mum is nowhere to be seen. So I think right, I’ll walk down the aisles and I’ll eventually bump into her! But no. I was walking up and down for ten whole minutes searching for her and she was actually nowhere. So I thought I’d ring her! But I forgot to take my phone hm? So yeah! It was kinda an epic fail. So I went to this guy who worked there and like, I was taller than him, and I just went ‘I’ve lost my mum’. He kinda looked at me as if I was taking the mick. But then I think he realised I was being serious. So he took me to the front of the shop and we started on our treck looking for my mother. He got me to describe her too! And he even asked if she had a trolley or a basket! Haa it was so embarrassing! I did find her eventually and she kinda didn’t believe me that I had been through this mass struggle to find her. It was an entertaining night!
Then I’ve been getting all Christmassy! We now have all the decorations up and it’s so lovely! I have this advent calendar and its Cadburys so it’s really awesome! And now it’s what .. the 14th? And I’ve only had 5 designs! Me and my mum are waiting for a drum to come up but there hasn’t been one. I think they’re all just the same designs from now on haha. Have any of you guys had a drum? Or are they just not in advent calendars this year?
Plus!! I’ve been writing my fanzine and it’s almost finished! I’m really excited about it. There is an article on O’Genesis and an interview with Joseph Coward. Then there is some of my thoughts and feelings on some songs, kinda like a review page! And a bit about David Lynch (As that’s the charity I’m aiming it to be dedicated towards). So it looks really cool! And I have a name for it and a little logo! Haha, sorry people! I get excited about things like this. But yeah, I’m hoping to send it to Joseph himself which is amazing, and I wanna try and get it in a few shops … So I hope it turns out good!
Thanks guys for reading and sticking with me through my ‘unposting’ days! It’s almost the holiday so I hope to post a little bit more often. And my exams are over now too so I have all the time in the world to write these blogs … well kinda! Hehe I’ve been drawing a lot recently too so I hope to post some of that up. My little cartoons of the people in O’Genesis haha! Crazy days!
Thanks x

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tom Caulfield

So, I’ve been trying to find new and exciting musicians over the past few weeks and I completely failed. Then on my twitter, this dude started to follow me. I looked at his profile and it said ‘‘Singer, songwriter, guitar player, nuisance. Keeping it real since 1982’’. I mean, what more of a coincidence? I totally checked out his website ( and found that I hadn’t failed at all! This was the new and exciting musician I had been looking for.
When ‘tweeting’ him he turned out to be a really nice guy! I asked if I could interview him for my fanzine, that I’m currently writing, and he agreed to do it. So, here it is! My interview with Tom Caulfield. Enjoy, and check out his music!

Tom Caulfield

1.      Who are your inspirations and why?
There's many. Too many to mention now for certain, but respectful
nods have to be given to Dylan, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Woody Guthrie,
among many others. All for the same reasons, of course, that they've
pursued their own paths without ever playing the game, without ever
sanitising their own visions. It's heartening to see that.And Woody
paricularly for using music as a form of nourishment. Read "Bound For
Glory", you'll see what I mean.

2.      Have you ever been in a band?
I've been in many bands, yeah. Played all sorts of things, blues,
country, rock'n'roll, soul music. I've been doing this a long time.
The best name any of the bands ever had was "The Cake Police". Christ
knows what made us think of that. I still am in a duo occasionally
doing indie covers acoustically, Dirty Bristow and Lucky Pierre. If
you don't know what that means, I'm not going to tell you.

3.      If you were in a band, why did you become a solo artist?
It's a long story, and I'll cut it short. I've always written
songs, as far back as I can remember - or as long as a I want to.
Never really used them in the bands I was in though, it was a thing I
did for myself, like a dirty little secret. Anyway, I lost a job, a
girlfriend and a band all at the same time, tough break. So I started
to go busking, all the time. Needed the money. As a result of that,
I'd get offered solo gigs. And once I was comfortable with that, I'd
be slipping in songs that I'd written. And thus, I became a solo

4.      When did you start writing songs and do you still have the first one you wrote?
I can't remember the first song I wrote, but even as a child I used
to write funny little poems and rhymes about the teachers at school
and suchlike. They're probably not that funny now, but I liked them at
the time.

5.      Have you always had a love for music?
I have. Even before I held a guitar, the sound to me was the
coolest thing in the world. Still is. Still can't hear, say, John Lee
Hooker without a shiver of excitement.

6.      When you were younger, is producing music what you wanted to do?
I've never given it that much though. Basically, it's what I do,
and that's that. I can't imagine it not being around, not being a part
of me.

7.      Who is the musician you’d love to meet and why? (Alive or Dead)
I have to be honest, there's nobody. You should never meet your
heros. What if they turned out to be a dick?

8.      What can we expect from you in the future?
There's only one dead certainty to expect from me in the future,
more music. Expecting anything else would be futile. And besides, who
wants things to are expected?

9.      You’re currently writing a new record … what sound are you aiming to get through in this?
Well, the last record was just me and an acoustic guitar, so this
one's a lot fuller. I'm playing a lot of instruments, and drafting in
friends for things that I can't play. There's fiddle on there, there's
bass, drums, there's banjo, harmonica, glockenspiel...yeah, it's

10.  What is the record going to be about?
There does seem to be a lot of motion in these songs, people
leaving, arriving, escaping. But that said, there's a little hymn to
domestic bliss as well. There's an Armageddon song, too.

11.  Who would you recommend people to listen too (any up and coming bands/solo artists)?
My best advice would be to get amongst their localities and find
people doing this that aren't on the radio. If you're in a pub and see
someone play their own song, buy the CD. It won't seem much to you,
but it'll allow them to keep chipping away at this for a little
longer, at least. That's my advice, and I'm sticking with it.

12.  If you weren’t where you are now, what would you be doing?
I honestly have no idea. I'd probably be dead. Or drunk. Or dead drunk.