Saturday, 25 August 2012

Blue Monday and Batman

The picture in the paper (which made me gain like, 5stone) ... I'm the one wearing the orange jumper.

I went to see Batman, The Dark Night Rises, today. Was extremely good and I started filling up at the end; are you meant to cry at Batman? Can't say I've done much more today. Listened to a bit of New Order, I've only just started getting into them which is highly embarrassing! I should have listened to them ages ago. I mean ... I've always liked 'Blue Monday', just haven't ventured past it. Kind of like The Primitives, I've listened to 'Crash', but didn't really get deeper than that for a while.

Anyway, whilst I was on holiday, I purchased a New Order record completely blind. I played it when I got back and they're so good! So if you've been like me and casted over them, please give some of their other things a listen cause I think they're verging on being one of my favourite bands. And if you've never heard of them, listen to 'Blue Monday' or 'True Faith', class tunes! Also, do check out The Primitives, they're also ace.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Results day

Hookay, so yesterday was results day. I was so nervous and haven’t eaten/slept properly for the last few days, but everything has turned out alright! I was one of the first people in my school to receive my results and I opened the scary brown envolope with two other friends. To be honest, I didn’t expect the results I got; I thought I had done worse! I ended up getting 3 A*s, 6.5 As, 1 B and 2 Cs (one of which being in further maths?!?!?!?! And the other was our 16 week course in Psychology).

I’m so happy with what I got, and one ofmy A*s was in art which is a huuuge shock! A*s in art are unheard of, and my teacher kept saying that I wouldn’t get the grade I wanted … I mean, I guess she was half right .. I didn’t get the grade I wanted, I got far better! So yesterday was an extremely good day.
Today, I enrolled at sixth form. I’ve chosen to do REP (Religion, Ethics and Philosophy), English Lit, English Lang and History Modern, hopefully it will get me onto an English course at uni in two years. I was also in the paper today. We were asked to jump in the air with our results (which was highly embarrassing) and then were interviewed afterwards. It’s a lovely write up though, says something like ‘’Abigail Gillibrand, an aspiring Journalist got a string of As and A*s’’ … so proud of my little self!
So yeah, I’m really chuffed with the past few days, things have seemed to run very smoothly which is ace, but all these sleepless nights and early mornings have left me drained. I think it’s a hot chocolate and bed for me!
Night peeps :) xx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summer Hols 2012

Hey guys, just got back from a holiday in Whitby. It was lovely and we caught the hottest week of the summer so far. I went with my family and we visited all the little villages nearby. From Filey beach to Pickering Castle, it truly is such a beautiful place to see. The first day we stopped off in York and walked along the high street. We fell across a small Viking market which was so cute, they had a room full of outfits that people had worn in films too; Keira Knightley’s dress from The Duchess, Heath Ledger’s  blue/grey outfit from the 2005 movie Casanova. We went to many castles and country houses too, one of them being Castle Howard where Brideshead Revisited was filmed. We saw Whitby Abbey, where we managed to save some newts that had fallen into a grave, and the Dracula experience. It was pretty lame if I’m being honest, but I was so scared! We went round and all it was was a dark walk through, then some guy at the end jumps out at you with a horrible mask on! Yes, I did scream, but it wasn’t that scary! Talking about Dracula, we saw so many bats just hanging from the walls of old buildings and one was chilling on the floor of a museum.

Nearer the end of the week, we all went dinosaur fossil hunting along the beach and actually found some! I discovered a Gryphaea which is kind of like a sea muscle, they’re known as a ‘Devil’s Toenail’ which is pretty cool. My mum came across some shell fossils and my sister found an ammonite. My dad however, well he was quite content with his piece of concrete he found within the first five minutes- Though nearer the end he did pick up some fossilised coral!

On the way home we called off at Leeds and went into a record shop. They said that they could start stocking Woodnote there which is so exciting! It’s going to be in a shop!! I bought a pretty sweet hat, and a few records – Inspiral Carpets, The Charlatans, Blue Monday, The Soup Dragons. They stocked Carter Tutti Void’s Transverse too which was cool; can’t look at it for too long though, makes your eyes go all weird!

Overall it’s been an ace week and I think we’re off to Chester sometime soon too which will be lovely! Then the next big thing will be my results day on the 23rd. I’m so nervous but I’ll let you know how I go on. Thinking of going into journalism so I hope my English and History grades are good!

Fingers crossed xx