Sunday, 30 October 2011

Thursday's Blog!

Sorry people! This blog was meant to be posted up on Thursday! I wrote it, I just didn’t post it up! Ooops! Hehe

Thursday’s blog: (sorry!!)

Guysss!! A tiny bird just flew into the window and nocked itself out!! Haha, poor thing. My dad is like holding it and it seems to be okay! It’s really sweet. I’ll take a photo for you!

Today I’ve been goodies shopping for tomorrow as I’m in Leeds visiting my sister! I’m so excited to see her! Apparently we’re carving pumpkins so it should be awesome xD! And I get to go shopping too! It’s going to be a good weekend. Not much has happened today though. I’ve again, been sat doing homework! It’s so hard. Our teacher seems to of given us more than she did in the summer; Life’s not fair haha. 

My mums car has gone to get fixed cause the back of it was all scratched -.-. So when we went to collect the car, the back of it that had been replaced was a completely different shade of yellow to the original colour … fail! But now she’s left it in, so I guess I’ll be walking to school on Monday! 

I am totally into this band at the moment! They’re called Mando Diao and have been around for a while. I think they’re pretty cool so yeah! Here’s one of their songs ‘God Knows’. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Okay, so it’s been a pretty dull day today! I’ve been sat in doing homework for the majority of it! Winter is finally here though. And my feet are freeeezing! I need to invest in some slippers teehee. It’s good though, I like the change of the seasons! And winter is awesome! I love the whole, dark nights and getting all wrapped up! And then if you’re driving past houses at night time all the lights are on and everything is just cosy! It’s a good season, and I guess Christmas makes it ten times better too! I remember last year when it snowed my back garden looked so pretty! I’ll put a picture up of my pond! It looked so cool!

I’ve also heard that Joseph Coward is off recording today with Cura Machines! So hopefully they will be releasing an EP very soon! I don’t have much else to tell you guys today! Sorry for the short blog haha I should think the next one will be a bit longer!
Music today is this new band that I’ve just been introduced to by my friend! They’re called Where’s Strutter and are kinda cool! So here’s one of their songs, hope you like ‘em!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Joseph Coward and Cura Machines

Joseph Coward

Double blog tonight! You guys are lucky haha! I thought I'd dedicate a blog to Joseph Coward and his 'side project'. He is fronting in a band! They’re called Cura Machines and are maybe going to release an EP sometime! He says he might be going to Iceland to mix it, which is really exciting! So keep an eye out for them! They’ve not as yet played live but hopefully, after the EP is released, they will be doing some shows! Also, I’ve found some more Of Joseph’s songs online, so I shall post them up here too! Please check them out, he’s amazing. I love his song ‘’Christopher the Carrier’’ haha it’s awesome! Sadly there's nothing on the internet as yet for Cura Machines, so I can't give you a track to listen to, but I've heard one of their songs and it's so good! So keep reading and searching for them, cause I'm sure that soon enough their music will be around for you to hear!
Check out these sites!
Hey guys! So lately I’ve been ‘Up to my hips’ (haha I had to;] ) in loads of work and just random things that have needed to be done, so I’m sorry for not updating in a while! I went shopping with my auntie yesterday and she got me a really nice jumper. Though it’s a guys one so I kinda feel silly but it’s soo nice! They have far better jumpers then us haha. She stayed for tea and we had like an epic chicken dinner and stuff so yeah! It was a good day! Walking round the shops has made me feel very christmasy; it’s only 62 sleeps away!
Also I have this new maths tutor. She’s so nice, bless her but she leaves me a maths paper to do every week! It’s so lame.  And she came round at like 10 this morning, so she’s not in my best books! It’s far too early at that time for maths hehe
Beckii Cruel’s new single is out today! I should really inform you, though it’s not my kinda music haha! I’ve supported her for a long time and I think it’s really ace that she’s getting her stuff out there! So I’m really happy for her! It’s called ‘’You Can’t Kiss Me’’ I shall post it up!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Abseiling Teacher?

I’m so sorry that I haven’t blogged for a while; I have been so busy doing revision and preparing for exams!  But there hasn’t really been much to report on. Our head teacher had crazily decided to abseil from a crane that’s building our ‘’new school’’ so that was funny! We were all watching him climb over the side of the crane and everyone was chanting his name. Bless him! He’s crazy but it was such a random moment. Then I’ve had an injection! Which really hurt and my arm is like dead haha but that’s okay! I can put up with it I guess. This week has been stupidly busy with exams and things too! We’ve had something important at least each day of this week! I can’t wait for the holidays where I can just sleep and do nothing. I’m going to Leeds though in the holidays! Seeing my sister and apparently we’re making pumpkins for Halloween! I can’t wait to see her!
My abseiling teacher!

Today I found out that I can’t go and see The Stone Roses, which is a bit of a downer but it’s alright! My dad says he’ll take me to see their cover band in Preston haha! I bet they’re better live anyways. But yeah! I guess I shall have to wait until they tour again … I won’t be that long I hope! I’ve heard that they might be bringing out some new stuff too! So that’s exciting. I found out too that my ex head teacher (not the abseiling one :P) was their support act way back in the 90’s! I was like Woooww haha amazing times.
I’ve also finished my picture of Liam Gallagher! It looks ace, I’m so happy with it! I’ve done him in the style of Andy Warhol, so when they’re stuck together I’ll take a picture and show you! It’s so cool. I’m going to see him in November too! Which is amazing. I totally can’t wait for that either! It’s my last day tomorrow before I break up! So I hope it’s a good day, though I have my final English mock! At least all is done before the half term!
I don’t know what music to put up … I would put The Stone Roses but they’ve appeared on this blog far too often! So I guess it will have to be Factory Floor! I’ve come to the conclusion that I unintentionally dress and look like Nik Void! I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I think its kinda cool haha! Anyways, here is FF!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


…. Need I say more?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Random Update!

Hey guys! I’m sorry; I’ve not posted for a while! I had a day off on Friday and I literally sat and watched 5 episodes of Dexter, you should totally watch it; it’s awesome. I then did some art and found out a lot about Andy Warhol, he has a really interesting history. In the evening I went to the gym, which I haven’t been to in a while! But it was good to catch up with my friends and talk about random stuff.
Saturday I went into town and bought some legwarmers for this winter teehee! I also got some new boots which are so nice. Then I spent the afternoon at my grans helping her with some cleaning. When I got home we all walked round to my uncles and we spent the evening there. It was a really cool day!
Today I was at my neighbour’s twin’s christening, they’re so adorable! I ate loads of cake and hot pot hehe. Then this evening I’ve watched like another load of Dexters, gee I think I’ve watched like eight in the matter of two days haha! Not much else has happened!
I found out that The Stone Roses may be getting back together, and heard that they’re already selling tickets for gigs! So that would be amazing; I so hope it happens and isn’t some hoax. Alsooo, Joseph Coward’s new stuff is out on the 31st of October! Which is very exciting!! But yeah,  that’s about it! Thanks for reading guys C; x
The Stone Roses

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Joseph Coward, Joseph Coward and more ... JOSEPH COWARD

Hey guys! So I don’t have much to update you on! These past few days not much has happened. Me and my friend named an ant that was invading our table after Joseph Coward, then we trapped it in an island surrounded by water muhaha. Though it wasn’t there today so I think Joseph survived (I hope he did!) Also, I joined the JCFC (Joseph Coward Fan Club) which rules! The person who came up with it is even making little badges which is so adorable…  I think you should all join! We need to spread the Joseph love teehee! He’s awesome.  Then today in school, I was waiting outside an RE classroom and on the wall right in front of me, there was Gen 1. Har! I was like Ooooh! So I took a picture of it for you guys! Joseph Coward is everywhere :o

I’ve also made a tumblr, find me at, I think I shall be saying roughly what I say on here! But it’ll be worth checking out; I already have 2 followers haha! What a fail.
So tonight I need to do some homework and then I shall be writing my fanzine up! There’s one last article to do and then an interview with …. Joseph Coward! But that will be done when his new songs are out! Exciting times. Then hopefully I can post this thing places and we’ll see what happens hmm!
Song for today has to be ‘’The Beat Goes On’’ by Beady Eye. It’s been in my head all day! Only a month until I’m seeing them live, it’ll be amazing. The problem is though is that Liam has been diagnosed with acute pharyngitis … I hope he gets better, and I hope the gig isn’t cancelled!
So here is the song! Enjoy x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lego Tim and other things

Hello people! Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday I was very busy! I went round to my uncles and he started to teach me guitar! I now know the G chord and a really basic blues piece. Teehee. I t was cute as I played like the rhythm? (I think) And he played the leads on top! Sounded really good! Though I was a bit .. bad haha. I wanna start playing the guitar now, it’s really cool though my hands hurt a bit!
I also made a Lego Tim Burgess. It’s so adorable! Though I had to tear my other figures apart to make him, so unfortunately he doesn’t exist anymore, but here’s a picture of it haha! … I had to be careful how I positioned that banana xD!!!

Today I’ve not done so much! I did some maths homework which is really hard L and then I watched a Dexter! I love them so much! This afternoon I’ve spent at my grans and we had tea there. We came to do the washing up and the washing up machine started to leak all over the floor. So that was a fail!
Joseph Coward introduced me to Arcade Fire today! They’re amazing haha, so give them a listen C: ooh and also check out this comic of Tim Burgess! I found it really sweet! So hm, click HERE to view that!
Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #1

Friday, 7 October 2011

Christmas and Joseph Coward

Okay, so it is exactly 78 days till Christmas. My friend has given me a challenge to write all of my Christmas cards and hand them out in November! I’ll look like some freak haha, but I might do it; it would be funny. She’s also told me to write a Christmas list. Tim Burgess is on the top of that ^^ hehe! I have to say that I lied to you guys today! I didn’t do any revision or any sleeping which is bad, but instead I made a Daily Booth! The link to that is: ... I’ll probably booth as much as I blog but check it out, it’s going to be good.
Also some other news, which I only found out about today, is Joseph Coward’s single is out on a free download. If you want to hear it and get it (Which I really recommend you do cause its ace!) Then click here, and hopefully that should take you to the site hehe. But yeah, it’s called ‘Somewhere Underwater’; I really like it.
I don’t have much else to update you guys on. Nothing much has happened this evening except I went food shopping and that’s about it! Music for tonight has to be Stevie Moore’s cover of ‘Timothy’. Haha the song makes me laugh every time I listen to it! It’s about three guys stuck in a mine and two of them decide to turn against Timothy and eat him so that they survive. The funny thing is, is that when the song was released in the 60’s it got really bad press as it is about cannibalism, so the people who wrote it (The Buoys) tried to claim that ‘Timothy’ was a mule, haha! Crazy!! Anyways, here is Stevie Moore’s cover! Hope you like the song.

S.c.u.m and other things ....

Hey guys, I’ve finally finished my Ian Brown drawing! It looks awesome hehe. Today is going bad … I went into school this morning and then came home after first lesson; Ill times. So now I get to watch day time TV in my pj’s! I’ve also had a new hair cut! It’s all kinda … layered? Hehe I’ll put a picture up anyway! I think it looks nice.
My hair ...

Ian Brown!!

I don’t really have much else to write about today so I’ll do a review on ...
S.C.U.M are from the South East of London. They formed in 2008 and the members consist of front man- Tom Cohen, Drummer- Melisa Rigby, Machines- Bradley Baker, Keys- Samuel Kilcoyne and Huw Webb on Bass. Their first single was ‘Visions arise’ which was released with loog records. They’re classed as the younger siblings from The Horrors and yet only Huw is related to them! They’re kinda different and have an awesome style. Tom wears high wasted trousers, which are very cute :P I couldn’t really say what style their music is, as like I said, it’s very different (In a good way!!) But apparently they’re classed under ‘post-punk/rock’ … whatever style their music is its great! So Check them out, here’s one of their songs!

Sorry for the weedy blog! I know it kinda fails today hehe. I’ve also decided that I’m going to start a Daily Booth, so I shall post that on here once it’s made! Anyhow, I’m now off to sleep and chill for a bit before doing some revision and homework. Wish me luck :P x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Hello people! Today has been totally random but really awesome! We found out yesterday that our head teacher was going to dangle from this 60ft crane (that’s rebuilding our school) for charity. So apparently it was going to happen today, but due to bad weather he couldn’t do it … so I think that’s going to go ahead on Monday! Also, I was drawing Ian Brown again and everyone was raving over it! Then, in psychology, we found out that we might have to stay in school one night to sleep and find out about dreams. So loads of crazy stuff has happened! And at break today I was handed this leaflet thing inviting me to go and see some sort of ‘’penis puppeteer ‘’ .. haha crazy! Check out xD There’s a warning on the leaflet that the show itself ‘’may contain nuts’’!! hehehe.
Anyhow, yesterday was boring . We had a day that was solely for sixth forms and colleges to try and persuade us to go to their school. I found out more about what I should take to go into journalism or nursing so that was a plus point!
I don’t have much else to report! My Fanzine is almost finished, and I’m thinking of making a dailybooth? Though I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not.
Music for today is The Who. My friend’s son, works in a printing place and Roger Daltrey just randomly goes there almost every night haha! I thought that was pretty cool. So I’ve asked for him to try and get an autograph for me hehe!!
So here it is - The Who, The Kids Are Alright

Monday, 3 October 2011

Live it like you love it!

Hellooo! Just checked my blog stats for the first time today! And I’ve seen that you guys reading this are from all over the world!! So yeah, hi you people and thank you for reading my blog! I’m kinda excited about this now, hehe!!
Today has been alight. I found it really hard to get up this morning as I’m not sleeping so well. I woke up last night at around 3ish and my arm was like, in the air!!^^ But, it must have been like that for a while as it had gone completely numb, so I didn’t realise it was my arm for like a few seconds haha! It freaked me out!!  We had Maths, English, PE, and Science today. So it’s been kinda boring. Though, in Science, we were given play dough and we didn’t really know why … it was something to do with electrons? But anyway, we just made cute little monsters. It was fun haha!
I’ve just got back from the Art Society, it’s so lovely there. I’m still drawing Ian Brown! But now I’m using charcoal on him so it’s looking really good! The people from the Arts Society are so nice though, they’re all 50+ (except from my mum!) so it is abit weird, but they’re really welcoming so all’s good.
Music today must be The Charlatans! They are fantastic and their song ‘’Bullet Comes’’ has been in my head all day! So here is their song! Sorry if it sticks in your head as it has mine :P! … However, they are amazing so enjoyyy!!

Also … such a brilliant picture of the legend himself, Tim Burgess, and Stevie Moore, another awesome singer.

Here’s one of his songs!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hot day, creepy old man ....

Today has been so hot! It’s like a huge heat wave has hit the UK! Soo, me, my mum and my dad all went for a walk around these country lanes; they’re not too far from my house. It really is beautiful round there! We walked for around an hour, and then called off at the pub ^^ then we wandered to my uncles house and sat in the garden for the whole afternoon. It was really nice!
Walking back home this old guy in a red car with its roof down, started staring at me. Obviously, my mum thought he was staring at her, but anyways! He totally winked at me and then revved his car before driving off. I always seem to attract old men! Its gross L
Now I’m sat waiting for a Dominos pizza to arrive! Life is good. It’s also my mum’s birthday tomorrow so that should be fun! Haha, I just read this blog out to my mum and dad and they’re now arguing who the dude winked at! Even my dad is claiming he winked at him O.o … WEIRD!!!
The song for today – Beady Eye, Kill for a Dream. Hope you like this! I’m going to see them in November! So that will be awesome!!