Monday, 24 October 2011

Hey guys! So lately I’ve been ‘Up to my hips’ (haha I had to;] ) in loads of work and just random things that have needed to be done, so I’m sorry for not updating in a while! I went shopping with my auntie yesterday and she got me a really nice jumper. Though it’s a guys one so I kinda feel silly but it’s soo nice! They have far better jumpers then us haha. She stayed for tea and we had like an epic chicken dinner and stuff so yeah! It was a good day! Walking round the shops has made me feel very christmasy; it’s only 62 sleeps away!
Also I have this new maths tutor. She’s so nice, bless her but she leaves me a maths paper to do every week! It’s so lame.  And she came round at like 10 this morning, so she’s not in my best books! It’s far too early at that time for maths hehe
Beckii Cruel’s new single is out today! I should really inform you, though it’s not my kinda music haha! I’ve supported her for a long time and I think it’s really ace that she’s getting her stuff out there! So I’m really happy for her! It’s called ‘’You Can’t Kiss Me’’ I shall post it up!

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