Monday, 24 October 2011

Joseph Coward and Cura Machines

Joseph Coward

Double blog tonight! You guys are lucky haha! I thought I'd dedicate a blog to Joseph Coward and his 'side project'. He is fronting in a band! They’re called Cura Machines and are maybe going to release an EP sometime! He says he might be going to Iceland to mix it, which is really exciting! So keep an eye out for them! They’ve not as yet played live but hopefully, after the EP is released, they will be doing some shows! Also, I’ve found some more Of Joseph’s songs online, so I shall post them up here too! Please check them out, he’s amazing. I love his song ‘’Christopher the Carrier’’ haha it’s awesome! Sadly there's nothing on the internet as yet for Cura Machines, so I can't give you a track to listen to, but I've heard one of their songs and it's so good! So keep reading and searching for them, cause I'm sure that soon enough their music will be around for you to hear!
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