Saturday, 26 November 2011

It's been a while you guys ....

Hey youuu people! It’s been a while …
I have been dreadfully ill these past few days so I’ve not really updated that much, really sorry guys!! I’ll try and get back into it. Not much to report today! I’ve not really done much haha.
Went into town and started my Christmas shopping! Got my Secret Santa sorted so that’s exciting!! Me and my mum bought like over 100 cards too, which is crazy!! I also made a chocolate cake today. It’s kinda like a rocky road! And they’re so awesome. The problem is, is that I added a few extra grams of biscuit (all of … 150 grams extra!!!) so it might be kinda dry haha… oh well! I haven’t tried it yet … hopefully it will be alright! But the cake itself is amazing! They taste so nice. It’s just like a block of dark chocolate that is full of biscuit and fruit and nuts.
It’s Joseph Cowards Birthday tomorrow! So a huge happy birthday to him haha. I sent him a card and it arrived! So that was really exciting! Apparently it’s the first one he has got this year too. Bless.
I’m looking forward to Christmas now! Over the past few weeks I’ve really gotten into the Christmassy mood! I’ve watched a few films and a tree down the road from me has been put up! It’s so lovely and cosy haha. The weather has changed too over the past week too! It’s turned to winter. I love it though; getting all dressed up in scarves and gloves. It’s so awesome!
I’ve been given a project to write a ‘lively article’’ on a famous person for teenagers and I really don’t know what to write! I don’t know anything about celebrities! I’m only into like … older celebrities or obscure ones, so writing about someone in the lime light will be a huge challenge! I’ll have to post it up once it’s done and you guys will have to tell me what you think about it! I don’t know who to choose though. My friend was going send me a list of good people to write about? But she hasn’t so that’s a fail!
Haha I love how my blogs are getting longer with each one I write! I’m sorry for not updating recently; being ill has just stopped me from doing everything. I’ve not really moved from the couch or from the kitchen table where I’ve been revising!
I’m off to Preston tomorrow, and this next week will be awesome as we’re only in school for two and a half days due to the strikes and an inset day! That means more guitar practise teehee! I’m currently trying to play ‘Jesus Christ’ by Joseph Coward and ‘When September Ends’ by Green Day! It’s so hard but kinda fun!
Thanks for keeping with me whilst I’ve not been that active! I’ll try and post up as much as I can from now on. But my mocks and things are coming up so they might not be as long as this one hehe!
Have an awesome evening! x -follow me on twitter if you haven't already @O5W7O  hehe, thanks peeps!!
Joseph Coward - Jesus Christ

When September Ends - Green Day

O'Genesis Update!!!

‘We work with bands we love’ a quote by Jim Spencer (one of the producers of the record). Like Tim Burgess said ... I think this quote sums up the label.

O’Genesis is a record label formed by The Charlatans front man, Tim Burgess; Factory Floor’s Nik (Void) Colk; Nick Fraser and Jim Spencer. The label was produced so that musicians Tim Burgess loves could release their records and get their music heard.

The label consists of, so far, four bands/solo artists, all dark and all mysterious. The first to be signed and the voice of the label is Gen001 - Joseph Coward. He is a talented 19 year old songwriter who is passionate about music. His sets are stripped back to him and his guitar, though he has recently recruited a drummer that plays with him at various gigs. Joseph's first debut single was 'Jesus Christ'. A song with a hidden metaphor about how far a friend would go. His voice has a likeness of Morrissey and has elements of Arthur Russell. He is truly devoted to his song writing and his latest release 'If you want to get going (get talking to me)' has pure emotion. You can tell there is a deep meaning behind all of his songs.

The next to be signed was a band Gen002 - Electricity in our homes. The band is made up of Paul Linger (drums), Charles Boyer (guitar/ vocals) and Bonnie K (bass/ vocals). Their first single with this label was 'Aching, Breaking, Shaking For You’. The song was clearly influenced by David Byrne. They are one of the most talked about and influential acts in London and intend on going far!

The third band to join the O'Genesis label Gen003 - The Replicas. These are an enchanting and 'moody' girl band that consists of Helena Gee (vocals/ guitar) and Ashiya Eastwood (vocals/ guitar/ keyboard). One of their songs released on the record is 'Open arms' and they have just released an EP. Their sets are dark and intriguing, and their voices almost 'angel' like. They have been compared to War Paint but even so, they are truly unique.

The final person to be signed so far is Gen004 - Jack Underwood. He is completely different to the rest signed to this label as he is a poet. Many of his poems have been published in books and he has taken part in lots of events including national poetry day. On this day, he released one of his poems with O'Genesis. You will be able to see him live at Kendal Calling 2012.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lynch Foundation and Fanzine!

The Lynch Foundation

The Lynch Foundation was established in 2005 and is founded by David Lynch. Its funds go towards medical schools and universities research on academic performances, learning disorders (e.g ADHD), cardiovascular disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, diabetes, anxiety and depression.

It also funds scientifically proven stress-reducing modalities including Transcendental Meditation. This helps inner city students, veterans with PTSD and their families, people suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It also helps the homeless who are trying to overcome addictions.

If you wish to donate please visit The David Lynch Foundation's site:
I've also made a website tonight, check it out ... I'll keep updating it with various articles that I have put in my fanzine C:

Thanks guys!!!

David Lynch such a talented man ^^

Thursday, 17 November 2011

You strum my naked heart strings

Hey people!! I totally got a guitar! Well sorta. My auntie works in a school, see, and she got one from there for me to practice on for a while! But yeah! It’s so nice and sounds really awesome! I don’t even know if it’s in tune or not yet, but I’m going to have a bit of a lesson tomorrow so hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be all set up and ready to go! I already know a C chord!!
My temp guitar.

In science the other day we had to dissect a heart! My friend said she’d buy me one cause they sell them in threes and she bought the pack of three in a week early! And miss had to freeze them. Then we had to wait an extra three days till Monday! So these hearts were waiting in the fridge for 10/11 days haha! They were totally out of date by the time we were chopping them up and they stunk! It was interesting though, we saw all the different parts of the heart!
Here’s the dissected heart … Our amazing cutting skills.

Last night I went to a Life art class. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. But I had to draw this old woman … who was naked. Haha! It was kinda full on though, she just stood there right in front of us. I took the pictures into school today and asked my art teacher what she thought and she said they were okay! But I think they look dreadful! We had two 5 mins to draw a sketch and then a 30 min to draw a more detailed sketch and then the final sketch was 40 mins. It was alright! I’m going tonight to a tutorial on how to draw the body in proportion and to do the correct shading. Apparently the model tonight is a tall, muscular man haha! So we’ll see hmm! I bet he’s 70 odd though!!
My sexy pictures of Irene!

I have decided that I’m going to write my fanzine and dedicate it to the Lynch Foundation! I thought it would be a nice twist to it.  I just need an interview with Joseph Coward and then add a few final touches and it should be done! I don’t really know how to get it on the internet yet! I’d like it to have a site of its own so you guys can view it, but I haven’t got a clue how to make one! Haha I’ll write a blog soon on the Lynch Foundation so you guys know what it’s all about. Can’t wait to see if this magazine/internet idea actually kicks off! It’d be amazing! Hehe
Music for today is this new band! I’ve been told to listen to them by one of my mums friends. They’re called Fleet Foxes and are actually alright! So yeah! Take a listen! C: Sorry my blog has been quite long tonight! I just needed to update you all on my happenings! Haha Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Beady Eye

Heyyy! I went to a Beady Eye concert the other night. Oh My Gawwd! It was amazing! We got there early, and in the queue to get in, every guy was a mini me of Liam Gallagher! They all had his hair cut and were all wearing pretty green or a parka, it was kinda funny! When we went in we were a couple of people back from the front, it was an ace view and everyone seemed kinda alright! Then, these guys behind us started to become kinda loud and a bit scary, and then they chucked like a whole cup of beer right in our direction. It was freezing and went all in my hair! So me, my sister and my mum decided that we’d move. But by this time we were soaked through! We went further to the left and still had a pretty good view but again the crowd got a bit scary again and started to throw piss around -.- I got completely saturated. So we moved a few people back!
The support act was pretty good! They were called the Hippy mafia! I’ve never heard of them before Friday but they were amazing. And the guy was so full of himself … but he was awesome! Then Liam came on and the crowd went crazy! He was amazing too! And his vocals were so good! I didn’t really know what to expect from him cause I’d heard rumours that he wasn’t very good live … but he was awesome!
It was kinda near the end of the gig and like 5/6 people had been carried out and stuff. And I look behind my sister at this dude and he is totally taking a piss behind her! It was disgusting. And then he missed the cup and like it went all down my sister’s leg hahaha! Made me giggle a bit. But yeah! The floor was like one huge puddle of piss and beer it was horrible! I was like dancing in it and it was all splashing up at my ankles! Ewww. But apart from the crowd being a bit scary! The night was amazing! I got a Beady Eye t-shirt too which is soo nice!
Check out this vid that has been recorded from the night C:

Monday, 7 November 2011

Heyy! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been so busy studying for my exams! It’s been so crazy lately. I have my GCSE Maths coming up next week and then all my sciences and everything! It’s just going way too fast and everything is getting on top of each other! So yeah, I’m sorry about not blogging recently!
I don’t really know where I’m up to on this blog, so I guess I’ll start with last Friday/Saturday when I went to Leeds! It was an awesome couple of days as I got to see my sister after like six weeks hehe! It doesn’t sounds too long but when you’ve not seen your best friend for that amount of time, it’s like … forever and a day! So it was really awesome to catch up!
We went shopping on Friday and explored the City for a while. It’s a really nice place and they have some awesome kooky shops! I found this whole shop that was just purely Anime and Comics! It was like .. woahh! Haha and then I found this awesome record shop! And like went kinda crazy there. They had a whole section on The Charlatans! I’ve never seen that before! So Whilst I was there I thought it would only be smart to buy a few of their albums and singles. I also got some Stone Roses and The Kaleidoscopes. The owner of the shop was really nice too! He had like originals of everything so when you bought a record not only did you buy the sleeves and things he gave you the original plastic covers and books and he even threw in some posters for me! It was truly awesome! So yeah, over all I think I bought around six records!
The Kaleidoscopes

Then we went clothes shopping but after buying a book from the comic store and some records I didn’t really have much else to spend! But it was nice just to walk around and catch up with my sister. In the evening we had a meal out and then went back to my sisters flat where I met all of her friends! They seem really nice! Crazy, but really nice! We kinda chilled for the night and just sat around! This guy bought in like a smoking machine thing. I don’t really get it but apparently it’s like smoking a cigarette just that it produced more smoke so you can make ‘’ O’s ‘’ with it hehe! He was really clever too cause he could actually make circles with the smoke! Then me and my sister went to watch a film in her room. We found a really nice looking one on youtube and started watching it, but there was only half of the film so it was kinda a huge fail!
In the morning we were up kinda late and my parents arranged to meet us within half an hour! We went and got lunch out and then shopped for a little while again. Then nearer the end of the day we headed off back home. Over all it was a really nice couple of days!
Me and my sister! haha (We look sooo bad on this!)