Sunday, 19 October 2014

Some things never change | A reminiscence

I’ve been at university for a month now, and I’ve realised that once you get here and you start making friends and settling in, you begin to lose track of time and life and people back at home. You get taken into this whirlwind, a huge journey that will, hopefully, lead you to great places. It’s as though you’ve been thrown into a whole other world and are seated in the fastest rollercoaster you can imagine. You have good days and bad days, ups and downs, do things you never imagined you would.

I never thought I’d make it past the first week, let alone the first month. Finding my feet in a new city, learning how to cook, clean and fend for myself, making friends and starting a new course, the whole prospect of this was daunting to me and still is.

With being an hour away from my family, home sickness is a worry. Thankfully I’ve not suffered from it much, but there have been times where the only thing I’ve wanted is to be in my dad’s arms or sat watching The Walking Dead snuggled up to my mum. It sounds lame but I actually really miss those warm cosy Sunday nights just chilling in front of the TV. I see home sickness as a good thing. Although at the time you feel pretty numb and all you want to do is curl up in your own bed, it gives you a sense of grounding. It makes you understand just how much you appreciated your life before university, your parents and everything they’ve done for you.

In a way it gives you more strength.

I was lucky enough to go home for my mum’s birthday last weekend and see my whole family, and when coming back on the train I had this realisation with myself at how so much has changed over my life and yet equally so much has stayed the same.

Here are a few things that will never change...

-          I used to dress up in anything I could find as a child, whether that be a devil for halloween, an elf or even a clown! I guess things haven't changed too much, I mean,  Halloween is on the horizon... who knows? I may embrace the night as a devil again!

-          I’ve always been interested in history, when I was younger I'd dress up as a knight... but now I'd prefer to be saved by one!

-          I could kick anyone’s ass at Taekwondo and learnt how to defend myself, but now no one messes with me...

-          I used to be quite a messy eater when I was little, and I guess I’m quite a messy eater now... (I'm writing this after getting mayonnaise all around my mouth from a McDonnalds, Some things never change).

I wore the most adorable hats when I was little, and I still wear some pretty groovy hats now...

I was always up for new challenges, and I guess I still am up for challenges!!

Moving away from home puts your whole life in perspective, but even though I’m at university, I still feel strongly connected with everyone back at the ranch. We’re a really close knit family, I trust them with my life and know that I can talk to them about anything anytime. This relationship I have with them will always stay the same.

It’s kind of weird how things have changed and yet on the other hand they really haven't. Maybe it’s situations that change and us as humans adjust to the situations but don’t actually change ourselves. Or maybe with new experiences and new beginnings you have to adapt and change your character in order to live. It’s like I’m a chameleon camouflaging into my surroundings but when you look closely I’m still the exact same person I was when I was 5 years old. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Vintage | Shirt Hunt

With it being this time of the year again, when the nights start closing in and the mornings seem that little bit more nippy it’s nice to stock up your wardrobe with some rustic colours, hats and scarfs.
After having that little shirt craze the other day, I took myself to a vintage fair hoping to fall on something good. Normally I have such a struggle finding things at vintage fairs. The items are either waaay too big, or just impractical. But here there were quite a few bits that were my size (mainly 70s flower power stuff though). Don’t get me wrong, flower power is awesome, I just don’t know when or where I would wear it!

I did however manage to land on a bargain, and bagged myself a shirt.

After riffling through the small section for what seemed like ages, I found this little beauty! The rummaging was certainly worth it.

I absolutely adore the colours, that kind of mucky, combat green is definitely my favourite autumn colour at the moment, especially when paired with a flash of auburn making this my dream shirt.

Everything at the fair was so cheap, they decided the price on weight and for a kilo of clothes it was only £15. With being a student and living on a very tight budget cheap and cheerful is the way forward and so with this frame of mind, seeing the shirt was only £3.75, I had to get it.

It really is a stand out piece and one that I couldn’t leave behind.

The fair is around again in Manchester on the 15th November at The Kings Arms… If you’re a fan of vintage you won’t want to miss it.