Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lego Tim and other things

Hello people! Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday I was very busy! I went round to my uncles and he started to teach me guitar! I now know the G chord and a really basic blues piece. Teehee. I t was cute as I played like the rhythm? (I think) And he played the leads on top! Sounded really good! Though I was a bit .. bad haha. I wanna start playing the guitar now, it’s really cool though my hands hurt a bit!
I also made a Lego Tim Burgess. It’s so adorable! Though I had to tear my other figures apart to make him, so unfortunately he doesn’t exist anymore, but here’s a picture of it haha! … I had to be careful how I positioned that banana xD!!!

Today I’ve not done so much! I did some maths homework which is really hard L and then I watched a Dexter! I love them so much! This afternoon I’ve spent at my grans and we had tea there. We came to do the washing up and the washing up machine started to leak all over the floor. So that was a fail!
Joseph Coward introduced me to Arcade Fire today! They’re amazing haha, so give them a listen C: ooh and also check out this comic of Tim Burgess! I found it really sweet! So hm, click HERE to view that!
Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #1

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