Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Two days till my sister goes to uni, boooo!!! Today has been okay! I had art so I’ve been doing my Ian Brown picture, haha it’s coming on quite good! Other than that, nothing cool happened at school, again! Getting home was good though. Joseph Coward has been educating me in some new music! Also he found an awesome interview with ‘’Girls’’ click here to read it! If you’re into them they’re in NME this week also.
                  New music!! - Arab on Radar - My Mind is A Muffler

My sister is currently making these muffins and she’s put black food colouring in them! So the mixture looks like tar haha; Can’t wait to try them though! Hope they taste better then they look ;)!! She says they look like Buboes cause on the outside they’re black then when you bite into them they’re red! EWWW I’ve been put off these muffins now L
                                              Nice ….

I’m now listening to ‘’Spells A Heartbeat’’ by Joseph Coward. It’s such a beautiful song! Can’t wait until he brings out some new ones! I shall keep you posted on that.

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