Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My plan for an ‘’early night’’ kinda failed yesterday. I checked Twitter before I went to bed and Tim Burgess was doing this thing about listening to Some Friendly at 10. So like a fan, I did. It was funny though, cause all the time he was posting up silly pictures of himself. Then when I did try and get to sleep, I couldn’t … fail!
One of those silly pictures!

I totally want that mug though! Tis awesome C:
School today has been boring as ever. Triple history and double geography! And in both subjects it’s been nothing but coursework (except for a tour around the school … fun?). Nothing good or interesting has happened I guess. Then, walking home, me and my friend got rained on, so yeah today kinda sucked!
                                            Some Friendly – Flower (The Charlatans)

                                                        The Buzzcocks – Just lust

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