Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Horrors

Hellooo!! So I’m totally listening to Salford City radio catch up. Life’s good and Tim Burgess rules! Listen to the interview with him and Nik Void here now! I don’t know what to write about tonight, so I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to a band that I’ve been into for a very long time …
The Horrors

The band has come from East London! It consists of:  Front man Faris Badwan, Rhys Webb on keys/bass, Joshua Hayward on Guitar, Tom Cowan on Synths and Joe Spurgeon on the drums. They formed in 2005 and since then have released three albums (Primary Colours, Strange House and their new one … Skying!) They have a unique fashion sense, which is totally awesome though it has gone from wearing all black and winkle pickers to flowery shirts … (though they still kept the shoes!!) And also, they have very unique hairstyles. They are utterly crazy but absolutely amazing!
Here is their latest single Still Life. Hope you like it!

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