Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Styal Mill

Today I went to Styal Mill! It was actually pretty cool! We had a tour of the mill itself and the apprentice house. They turned on all the machinery! T’was was so loud. Then at the end of the day we went into the gift shop and … you’ll never guess who I saw!! … Tim the pink worm!! Hahaha! He just randomly appeared. I had a picture with him!! Here it is C:
Tim the pink worm!

Funny thing is, is that my friend was like ‘’Abi! It’s Tim!’’ and I look around getting all excited, and then she holds up the pink worm! Was ace!
The coach trip home was fun too! We were attacking my friend who was sat in front of me hehe. Then I took a picture… one I shall hold against her for a long time!

Anyhow that’s about all that’s happened today! Here’s a song from the band Felt! I’ll dedicate a blog about them soon, they’re really awesome!
Felt – Ballad of the Band

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