Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fanzine and Felt

Hey guys! So I’m writing a ‘Fanzine’! I don’t really know what’s going to be in it, or how many I’m going to write, but yeah! It’ll be good anyways. I think in my first one there will be a review on O’Genesis Records, an interview with Joseph Coward (which I need to do!!) and a little review thing on the East London band S.C.U.M. I’m really excited about it!
I previously said I’d write about Felt. So yeah! Felt is the theme for my blog tonight. They are a 1980’s alternative rock group. The members are Lawrence (though his second name was never published in any press) Gary Ainge, Maurice Deebank, Martin Duffy (who played with The Charlatans after Robs death), Marco Thomas, Mick Lloyd and Nick Gilbert. They released ten albums and ten singles over ten years and then they broke up. I do believe that a film has recently been released about front man Lawrence. I want to see it so bad but I don’t know if it will be showed in the cinema near me! Sad times haha!!
Felt - Penelope tree

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