Sunday, 11 September 2011


Today has been pretty awesome. My sister, Rachael, is going to university on Saturday so we had a family get together for everyone to say farewell! It’s rather upsetting; I’ll miss her loads! The party was fun though. We had loads of sweets, crisps and chocolates. My granddad had a go on Rach’s accordion (Which is huge! … She can’t even lift it haha) and my neighbours bought round their 10 week old twins- they’re so adorable! Had an ace chat with my uncle too, not seen him for a while so it was good to catch up!
The music I have been listening too today has been The Who and The Stone Roses; both, amazing bands. I’ll post some of their music up for you to listen to!
                                                        The Who
                                                       The Stone Roses

I’m currently drawing Ian Brown (front man of The Stone Roses) So I’ll post that up when it’s finished, but till then here’s my drawing of Joseph Coward! C:

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