Thursday, 23 February 2012


Joseph Coward!
Hey guys, this has just been posted up, I think you should take a look; it’s awesome!
I have a lot to owe this guy. Not only has he helped me develop my own fanzine, give me an interview and really support it, he’s introduced me to so much music over the short seven months that I’ve known him. I talk to him quite frequently and he is such an inspirational person. He takes time to talk to me, which means so much, and it’s kinda the first time that someone (apart from family) has made me believe in myself.
Not only is this guy great to talk to, his music is also really good! He’s currently signed to O’Genesis and has released many songs (including ‘’If you want to get going get talking to me’’ and ‘’Jesus Christ’’).
If you want to watch this guy grow and release more amazing tunes then you should really buy his records and support him.

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