Saturday, 25 February 2012

Factory Floor Graphic Novels

Hey guys!

So today I went to a graphic novel lecture where the guy, Gareth, told us how to put together our own comic. See, this has interested me for a while and I’ve come up with a little story of my own which I’d love to turn into a graphic novel. Basically, he said that you needed a story first, then the characters you can build on. He told us to draw the layout of the boxes and just a rough sketch inside of what you want to go on.

His were amazing though! He told us that he’d been unintentionally writing it for around 10 years. But his drawings were awesome. He’s really into drawing dinosaurs too and the way he blends the paints together is just crazy! I wish I had a picture that I could show you guys so you knew what I was talking about!

Other than that, not much has happened today. I’ve just been doing a lot of homework. We’ve been given wayyy too much! It’s insane. And, whilst on the topic of art, my art exam is in 4 weeks. So I really need to get a portfolio of work together! I have a rough idea of what I’m aiming towards, it’s just doing it. I may include the pictures of Factory Floor I drew!

Talking about Factory Floor, you should take a listen to this!

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