Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birthday, Woodnote, Paper Balls and Amazingness


Sat in a free again. I have nothing to de except read The Great Gatsby and maybe learn some more spellings. Though I really cannot be bothered with that. Instead we are sat throwing paper balls in our friend’s direction. It’s a fun game. And by the way, I’m sat next to the most amazing person in the world ;)  (Yeah, she told me to put that) but she is pretty amazing!!!

If you’ve been following my tweets you’ll know that Woodnote now has its own blog and the next issue will be out November time.  It’ll feature Clint Boon, Tim Burgess, Tom Caulfield a review from Suicide Party’s front man, Joey Ackland, and reviews on the Bingley Fest and Tim Peaks diner at Kendal Calling. An ace issue to end the year!

Check out its blog here: www.woodnotemagazine.blogspot.com

It’s also my mum birthday today; so, happy birthday mum! She’s got a new bike which is lovely, but mine and my sisters present to her is all the way in Leeds, it’s gonna be a very late Birthday present. (Or an early Christmas present at that!)

Not much else has been going on really, just going to and from college every day. It’s so tiring I hate setting my alarm for 5:55am every Sunday night; is depressing! Though the lessons and the people are ace, it’s just the bus rides and the early starts are no good!

That’s about it for now I guess. If you’d like a copy of the next issue of Woodnote e-mail me at Wood_note@hotmail.co.uk or find us on twitter @_woodnote / @AbiGillibrand

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